Creating a life of balance:

Each of us has the potential to live a life of peace and love. Through yoga we can achieve balance in our body, mind and spirit

Benefits of Personal One on One

If you have found group classes too challenging or have injured yourself in a group class, one on one is a great way to connect to yoga

Get a personalized assessment

Progress at your own pace and get solutions to your unique issues

Develop skills to help you deal with pain and all it's effects

A PDF of our session together for your future reference

Support via email. 





My name is Helena Spears and I specialize in teaching private yoga for those who have Chronic pain and Chronic Pelvic Pain. I choose to focus on these areas due to a personal history with these challenges.

Transform from a pain centered existence to a united health-centered life through yoga


Why yoga?



To connect with our bodies ability to calm the nervous system and to rediscover the joy of safe healthy movement

Yogic philosophy

 To bring healing to our soul and understanding of ourselves

The neuroscience of pain

 Learning about what pain really means and how we can use yoga to manage it


Connecting to our inner calm


Using the breath to influence how our bodies and mind feel