I am a sassy frank lady whose classes subtly challenge the body and mind. Yoga has allowed me to bring peace to my body, mind and soul, and since completing my 200h trainings with Red Door Yoga I strive to help others find the same peace.

I have a personal history of chronic illness and chronic pain. These experiences inform my practice and ability to connect with others dealing with similar issues. I have a specific interest in chronic pelvic pain, and other types of chronic pain. 

I like to spend time with my fur baby and husband, while finding gratitude and joy in everyday life. You can also find me outside walking, riding bikes or with my camera, and occasionally at my day job as an MRI tech.


Some of Helena's influences:

Kavita Maharaj www.reddooryoga.ca

Neil Pearson www.lifeisnow.ca

Shelly Prosko Physioyoga.ca

Dr. Gabor Mate www.drgabormate.com

Tara Brach www.tarabrach.com



A little bit about my own journey:

I was diagnosed with IC as a teen, where I was experiencing some mild urgency, frequency and occasional pain. I was able to manage very well with diet. In my early 20's a cliff jumping incident left me with chronic back pain. This evolved into a diagnosis of Fibromyalgia and Ankylosing Spondylitis (an inflammatory arthritis that attacks the spine).  I also developed non relaxing pelvic floor, which greatly increased my pelvic pain.  It was in my early 30's that I discovered how powerful yoga can be in managing pain; the emotional, spiritual and physical. I decided to pursue my yoga teacher training out of frustration and curiosity. I was frustrated that "Regular" yoga practice seemed to flare my Fibromyalgia, yet I knew that yoga could be the key to helping heal my over active nervous system and dialing down my pain. Since completing my yoga teacher training, my practice has deepened in a way I never thought possible. The emotional healing and guidance I have received from studying the sutras and yogic philosophy inform my life and practice everyday. Through meditation I have learned to tap into the calm part of my soul, pranayama allows me to quickly tap into that inner calm.


It is now my passion to share with others this great opportunity for healing and growth.