The Pelvic Messenger Podcast

I have discovered a podcast called The Pelvic Messenger, here is the description from their page.

“Pelvic messenger, supported by the International Pelvic Pain Society and Beyond Basics Physical Therapy, is devoted to promote diagnoses, recovery, and success in treating Chronic Pelvic Pain (CPP) conditions in men, women and children. Furthermore, we are dedicated to improving patient and healthcare providers education on CPP. The founder, Elisabeth Oas, along with the managers, Amy Stein, DPT and Alexandra Milspaw, PhD want to accomplish this mission by discussing up to date topics and research on pelvic and sexual pain and dysfunction. Hosts: Alexandra Milspaw, PhD, Amy Stein, DPT, Michelle Waterstreet and Stephanie Stamas, DPT. Mission Statement: To provide educational talk radio shows on various chronic pelvic pain topics. In addition, we seek to provide hope and healing to individuals who suffer from pain related symptoms. We will be having shows on all the many diseases and syndromes, which can make up CPP. The show is a message of hope and healing. Stay posted to the International Pelvic Pain Society and Beyond Basics Physical Therapy blogs for bi-monthly guests and topics. We look forward to your calls and questions! “

I recently listened to episode about IC/PBS and I was amazed to listen to a Urogyn who understood it so well.

My only complaint is that I have not been able to find this podcast of Castbox and their website is not very user friendly. However the content of these podcasts make it well worth your while to slog through it. If we can understand our conditions and how they work, we can do better on our journey with these conditions. Listening to podcasts is a fantastic way to learn!

I am planning on listening to their entire catalog so that I can learn and understand all the conditions in the pelvic better.