Video Call One on one

First session is always free!

Why choose Online video call teaching?


Connect with a teacher who understands the full impact of having pelvic pain and/or chronic pain

Eliminates the competition and comparison factor of group classes. Our session will just be about YOU as you are.

No need to travel; come as you are, in the comforts of your own home. Save those precious spoons for something else.

Learn to use the props you have around your houseNo need for fancy yoga props and expensive bolsters. Blankets and pillows you already own can be fantastic props


Each session will bring an opportunity to explore:


To connect with our bodies ability to calm the nervous system and to rediscover the joy of safe healthy movement

Yogic philosophy

 To bring healing to our soul and understanding of ourselves

The neuroscience of pain

 Learning about what pain really means and how we can use yoga to manage it


Connecting to our inner calm


Using the breath to influence how our bodies and mind feel